The Ultimate Middle Eastern Book Recommendations List

by Jia

Marhaba! Middle Eastern books deserve to be hyped up more, and honestly, they’re all super slept on. I’ve been recommending my favourite Middle Eastern books to my friends for a while now, and I’ve finally mustered up enough energy to make an extensive book recommendations list of all the Middle Eastern books I know of! Most of these books are by Middle Eastern authors from the Middle East, but there are a few diaspora authors as well.

I want to clarify that I haven’t read all of these books, and therefore do not know if a book is problematic or not. I hope to (eventually) get to all of them, and when I do, if I see that the representation/content in the book is problematic or harmful, I will remove them from this list.

Also, this list is ongoing, so I will regularly be adding to it as I discover new books; you can also contact me on Twitter and tell me any books that you think should be added! My only request is that the main characters be Middle Eastern, and the author be Middle Eastern as well. Whenever new books are added, I will tweet about it on my Twitter account, as well as mention it in my monthly wrap up’s!

To navigate the lists, you can click on any country highlighted on the map and it’ll take you to that country’s list of books! Not all Middle Eastern countries are highlighted; that’s because I haven’t found any books from there yet. However, you can check back regularly to see if I’ve added anything! I’m hoping to update this list every week.

Happy reading!

Middle East Map Placeholder
Middle East Map